Central Otago ... First Class
the Luxury Rail Trail Experience

The Poolburn Viaduct

We arrange luxurious  places to stay

 and inspirational experiences

 for small groups of discerning travellers

 who want to cycle the Rail Trail in style


We are a friendly, local, independent enterprise which has the time, contacts and resources to organise all of your Rail Trail requirements ... luxury accommodation, comfortable bikes, reliable luggage and personal transfers, transport to and from the trail and a range of off-trail experiences.


We specialise in arranging for you to stay in beautifully restored 19th  century luxury Bed and Breakfast accommodation.


Our accommodation features the

2010 Central Otago Tourism Award winner,


 The Old Doctor's Residence



which is half way along the trail in Naseby and 

is therefore an ideal place to stop, relax and explore

 the real Central Otago ... 'A World of Difference'

When you cycle the Otago Central Rail Trail
... travel First Class


 First Class Accommodation, First Class Hospitality,
 First Class Wine and Food, First Class Experiences.



                                            Central Otago ... First Class

                                            Phone   :  +64 3 444 9775

                                            Fax        :  +64 3 444 9775

                                            Email    :  info@cofirstclass.co.nz